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From modest beginnings over the years an independent planning company has developed, which in the year 2004 employs about 650 staff in its headquarters and another 300 in other companies attached to the Obermeyer alliance. The company offers a comprehensive range of services in Germany and abroad.The range of products covers virtually all areas of construction.
http://www.opb.de/ ]

HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner KG, Dusseldorf


The firm of architects HPP is one of the largest and most successful teams of architects in Germany. HPP plans and implements objects of various types and sizes. Its aim is through quality, cost security and reliability regarding schedules and deadlines, to meet the clients wishes with respect to aesthetics and functionality requirements. In the offices which are run in a spirit of partneship and are represented in the major economic regions of Germany, HPP all companies with a staff of over 200 efficiently and intensively all projects from architectural design and planning to construction supervision.[ http://www.hpp.com/ ]
http://www.hpp-service.de/ ]

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