Built-TEC Management Consultants


Built-TEC is able to carry out and/or integrate every type of project-related work for all entrepreneurial building- and business clients. In particular:

Project Consultancy / Systems Technology and Design

The basic prerequisite for the success of projects is the assessment, enlargement and structuring of the initial ideas of the client.


Project Management

The project sets out the areas

  • Project development - design
  • Project
  • Facility Management


Our potential is our network of clients with experts. Our relationship with our client never ends.
Even through our involvement in a network of project we are interested in the position, project teams with power ranges of other companies together.


Data management

Our unique feature is the ability to depict each project completely in internet-directed data-room and to adapt it in a transparent manner to the ongoing development.


Overall Project Management

The central part of a project is the paricular object introduced by the client. It is one of our tasks to structure it and deal with it conscientiously.


Other management services



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